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  Easy PDF is a specialized WYSIWYG environment for quickly and easily creating Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. Easy PDF provides all the power needed to create sophisticated PDF documents and apply links/hypertext on the final document. There are considerable savings over the Adobe Acrobat product line. TRIAL also! - download


  Electronic Publishing FAQ -    by Moira Allen  - What is e-publishing?  How books are distributed.  Cost of e-books. Which are successful E-books?. Locating your commercial E-publisher. Subsidy E-publishing. Advantages and disadvantages.

   The Future of E-books & Info

  Adobe ePaper Center Features Electronic Books   Manufacturer of  publishing software, examines the growth of the electronic book industry and features profiles of its’ E-book products.   E-book writers/publishers-JUMP off here!          

   http://www.roadwizards/resources/index.shtml   Publishers/Writers Heaven                                                                                                                               

E-book compilers



  Win E Book/Super Win


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  eBookConnections, Inc.

The Friendly Community for Authors, Publishers, and Marketers of E-Books

The Electronically Published Internet Connection  E-Book Marketing & Promotion made easy
  Tips & Tools to help you create & promote your E-book   Provides the latest INFO on electronic publishing. News feeds from multiple sources featured                                                                                   INFO for digital publishers or self-published e-book writers. Includes awards, directory of e-publishers, International e-publishers, FAQ’s, marketing and promo INFO, networking, E-book readers    Electronic Literature Organization   Add multimedia sophistication to your E-Books                     Learn How To Create, Publish & Market E-Books   

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   The eBook Directory

   ebooks Portal    Search engine/directory for digital fiction.     Searchable directory of E-Books

   Fishing for knowledge? The e-Book Directory   

   eBook Writer's Market Directory     A Resource Directory of E-book publishers & E-books stores accepting author

                                                                           submissions    Directory of E-books & publishers. Contains reviews of software, readers & guides

                                                                         to self-publishing    Links to award and review sites, E-zines,

                                                                                discussion lists, sellers and E-Book clubs    E-Book retailer, publishing & marketing resource directory






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