-Mission & Goals-

Project Cost Estimates & Publishing Tools:


          What is included in a quote for compiling an E-book?

  Only the most basic proofreading & Copy/Editing of a submitted manuscript

  If more may be needed, consider using the Copy-Editing/Proofreading services

  Placement of a manuscript into an Electronic compiler or E-book creator

  Inclusion of graphics (either at the request of the Author or in agreement with

      the Publisher’s graphic art staff and the Author)

  Inclusion of individually designed, relatively simple graphics, from Publisher’s staff

  Inclusion of *.midi or *.wav files for musical accompaniment to E-books

  Inclusion of VIDEO clips as approved (via Corel Draw/Photo Paint Shop 10)

  Inclusion of a professional - but artful – E-book cover for your digital product

  SUBMIT a personal E-mail inquiry to the Editor/Publisher to discuss your project!


          INFO on the most popular compiling formatter, this Press uses:

  Editorial/Publishing staff prefer : “Visual Vision” compiler from Italy (Europe)

  It provides an advanced WYSIWYG environment; conducive to the greatest free-flow of

      creativity in the artistic milieus needed to bear in mind, when crafting a unique digitally 

      published product. Turns out a truly “one-of-a-kind” E-book!

  Software automatically includes these features:


         Unlimited pages (bear in mind, large file size may result in fewer downloads!)

         Cover page (meant as a graphically enhanced entry-way; in this context)

         Table of Contents (auto-prepared from pages input into the compiler)

         Universal Headers & Footers

         Password protection of individual pages or entire Digital book

         Hi-end graphic enhancement abilities

         Hi-end musical enhancement abilities

         Built-in “Web-based READER” (installs into users Computer with 1st book)

         End product is a standard *.EXE file,  for download or export via E-mail

         Boolean Keyword Search (helps if Author supplies his share at submission!)

         Multiple templates if Author desires an educational or organized format

         SSL compatible (secure digital delivery systems at 3rd party payment vendors)


    The Press has access to “Talking E-Book” Software, greatly similar in many regards to the favorite above.  It takes a bit longer to produce with, but is especially fine for young people’s E-books and for those with weak eyesight.  Choice of male/female voice to deliver Author’s message. Pages turn automatically, musical files can be turned off easily and format has the feel of a “hard-copy”, to a greater degree; although screen-viewing space is smaller than the Visual Vision software delivers a reader.



  A primary goal of this Press, is to produce quality literary/scholarly/educational/special - interest E-books/E-pamphlets. It is to this end, the nature of the Compiler detailed above, suits the purpose and mission of Golden Light Press. It is hoped samples of the work done here (excerpts will be available for download soon), will find a welcome space in the minds of Authors, seeking individualized attention and a unique touch in placing the fruits of their earnest labor, before a saturated public.


  It is speculative if the Editor/Publisher will solicit manuscripts,  whose Authors wish to publish them solely in *.PDF format.  Although an Industry Standard, it does not allow for the enhancement and creativity which the PRESS both prides itself on and enjoys engaging in.  Even if virtually all Computer systems, can read *. PDF formats, many components are difficult to include - both enjoyable to work with and agreeable to both Author and reader of the finished products . They ‘re not as feasible to structure a creation of a traditional *.PDF document with.  Special consideration  may be made on request, if this is the only way you agree to have your book electronically prepared for publication through this Press.  If individual arrangements are made, it might work out for all parties involved. Plenty of other presses will do that, though.


  On the subject of E-books formatted strictly as *. HTML documents:  It’s reasonable to ask for one to be produced;  yet the press would prefer to create a series of mini-web pages from your manuscript and post a collection of HTML pages comprising an E-book. That is, unless an Author wishes to include virtually no graphic material , while relying on the written message the manuscript ultimately brings to light.  This voyage after all, is about “THE WORD”.






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