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  Read down the column, for INFO

for using the convenient Shopping Cart

for your E-books! (from that button on

the top MENU bar).


  ONE company handles purchasing/ delivery/follow-ups, for E-books which are originally-authored selections, in the Digital LIBRARY Inventory.  Instructions for help with E-books you receive, are addressed below.


 INFO on the company providing 3rd-party credit card payment services here. http://www.regnow.com/   They feature a variety of popular options to chose from.  As an Industry Leader in the field, they specialize in the secure delivery of digital software/E-books.


  In addition to the SHOP-Cart page for any E-book, REGNOW.COM accepts major credit cards and support mail, phone, fax, wire transfer & purchase orders for additional customer fees. ($2.50: mail/FAX- $3.00 phone)


  Calling:  Toll Free Number in the US:


(for Phone Orders only)

Internationally: (425) 392-2294



Internet E-books are available in self-executing files. This means they come in an *.EXE file or they come in a *.PDF file format.  E-books in a straight .EXE format, run as soon as you click on them, independent of needing to do anything else with the file!


Others are in a .ZIP format of either the *.EXE or the *.PDF format.

E-books here will all be as *.zip files, with rare exceptions. This uses less bandwidth on line for servers and less space on your hard drive as well.


In some cases, decompressed files may have a *.pdf. file extension. PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most popular formats used for E-books, because it can be read on any operating system with Adobe's free Acrobat Reader installed. Most computers already have Acrobat Reader installed.



Many of the E-books in this section are compressed for faster download. To decompress them, you will need a zip file expander. Most current operating systems have this feature built in.


         The most popular zip file expander for Windows is WinZip.


         Another FREE unzipping utility is:

              Stuffit Expander program from aladdinsys.com


         Another FREE unzipping utility is:

              ZipItFast , nice interface (drag and drop)


          Another FREE unzipping utility is:

               FreeZip , which integrates with Windows Explorer.



To download an E-Book, click on the DOWNLOAD link. When the File Download dialog box appears, make sure the “Save this program” to disk radio button is selected.


BELOW is a listing of the most popular E-book Software Programs, to use in conjunction with reading *.PDF files and other special file types which sometimes occur in the world of digital Publishing.


Some books must be read with a FREE Reader. These are available for download here!  In the Shopping Cart, each E-books is marked ONLY if it needs a special “reader.” Otherwise, it opens alone!


(More INFO on www.regnow.com)


    Electronic/E-mail contact:

Regnow customer service


    Sending a FAX:


U.S. Toll Free Fax Number is:


International FAX:

(425) 392-0223.


     Contacting via postal mail:              

Register Now!

P.O. Box 1816
      Issaquah, WA 98027 USA

    REGNOW.COM helps us keep track of what is needed to ‘register’ your E-books and which ones need this done. You’ll find the process easy and automated! Password-protection books are handled with utmost security!


For your records, all customer orders are immediately followed up with an E-mail receipt. Snail-mail selections, across the board, are there for you as well.




         For all E-books with .PDF or .PDF/.ZIP file formats

They need this READER to be able to open.   




                        ADOBE Acrobat Reader                     






            For any E-books with an .AEH format

             These need this READER to be able to open.


                               Ebooks Reader

Get the free EBooksReader from simtel.net!



Some of the E-books we carry in this format, are also available in *.EXE. This INFO will be noted near the Title of your selection.



            For TALKING E-books with an .SWB format

                 They need this READER to be able to open:


                              FREEWARE VIEWER v 2.00


Download Freeware Viewer v.2.00 for Win95/98/NT/2000/XP

Site 1:  http://regvac.com/wnebookv.exe (732 KB .exe file)


The VIEWER can be used to read WinEbook files and older Super Win-Ebook 98 files (*.swb).  Just download the VIEWER, run wnebookv.exe to install it, then run winebook.exe and open the  *.swb file.

Payment methods:

“Resellable and/or Re-cyclable”  E-books:


E-gold:    Pay Acct.  #148201  


  Put your full name & Title/INFO on E-book in memo area for reference.



You may use  www.NetPay.tv here for online payments. The service works much the same as PayPal. Create a FREE Acct. HERE!


After payment is processed, you will be directed back to a DOWNLOAD page on this website, to receive the product you ordered.

  Put full name & Title/INFO on E-book in memo area for reference.


       E-bullion:   Pay Acct. # A24646


  Put full name & Title/INFO on E-book in memo area for reference.



LINKED to site soon!  www.princesscard.com . Open FREE Acct,  HERE!





Coming soon: Anypay & Stormpay !


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