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Author characteristics: Theosophy/Eschatology scholar and teacher

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Raphael C. Jerome, has traveled extensively for decades on the European and Asian Continents doing Mission work. He has also immersed himself in the teachings of Eastern religions.  The author has been led to study a lot, in his role as a home-school teacher in Christian communities for 7 years.

Notable Quote: “The problem with religion is the nature of religion itself”.


Raphael  C. Jerome’s debut work!

“Interpreting Prophesy in the Bible Code”



A symbolically relevant work, in touch with current events of our time!!!



For centuries, ancient Jews have believed in the presence of a secret code based on numbers in the Hebrew text of the Bible.  As far-fetched as this may seem, this belief has an honorable background.  In 1994 an article by Israeli mathematician Eliyahu Rips, in the Statistical Science magazine called: Equidistant Letter Sequence in the Book of Genesis appeared, giving credence to the till then “theory”.


Interpreting Prophecy in the Bible Code, will take the reader through the various ways God communicates with His people and the world in general.


Raphael C Jerome will put in perspective, the futuristic prophecy aspect of what has now been dubbed the Bible Code. Through its’ surmising and contemporary message for humanity, find the message God has for you personally!



Disclaimer:  Although this book touches on history and theology, the full purpose of this writing is not to establish a theology, but rather to be a contemporary, inspirationally evangelical tool, to bring God’s message to a generation in dire need of Heavenly help. NOTE:  All Author proceeds from this book go to support the non-profit organization: The Portland Family Mission .




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