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Notable Quote: Guillame Apollinaire founded la Societe' des amis de Fantomas  in 1912.  Some of the greatest names in 20th Century art and writing became members.  It was only to be expected that I would become prominent in the Society.”

Excerpted from: an Interview at  on 3/3/01. For INFO on The Society, click on the 'famous friends' link at the FANTOMAS site above.


Marc Ellis’s debut opus!


. . . A play with music. . .



A MAN OF HIS TIMES   by Marc Ellis           Synopsis/Summary


New Orleans playwright/composer - Marc Ellis - captures the essence of the absurdly surreal, through the apt use of dialogue, musical notes and the macabre.  A power-mad public opinion pollster dies and a journalist is on his way to an execution.   A very dark comedy in two acts, with its’ own musical score!


A prior performance of this play was staged in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1995 at the “Dramarama” Festival.  It has been published in “The Exquisite Corpse”, Andrei Codrescu’s renowned online literary Journal. (2000-2001)


Click on the    Mask to read an “excerpt” from the PLAY!  Listen to a song selection from the PLAY, that is called “Chuck’s Waltz”.  GO here to hear it stream in your favorite Media player.  



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